A new collective volume on “Maritime Safety in Europe – A Comparative Approach” has just been released by Informa Law from Routledge, edited by J. Nawrot and Z. Pepłowska-Dąbrowska, in cooperation with a team of experts (D. Lost-Sieminska, L. Tsaroucha, J. Terling, M. Varela Chouciño, E. Van Hooydonk, I. Vio, C. De Cet-Bertin, H. Jessen, F. Lorenzon, A. Montesano, A. Laconi, L. Pari, E. Beljia, S. Shvelidze, F. Stevens, E. Røsæg, J. L. Pulido Begines, A. Puetz and A. Gelgeç).

Prof. L. Athanassiou was in charge of the chapter “Maritime Safety in Greece.”


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